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Small Multi-channel Data Acquisition System 

Multi-recorder TMR-300 series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system capable of combining measurement units for inputting various sensors according to the purpose of measurement. Due to its compact size and light weight, the system can be easily installed not only on existing structures such as machines and bridges in which the installation space is restricted, but also on moving bodies such as automobiles, aircrafts and ships. One control unit and ten measurement units can be connected together and placed in a small space, or each measurement unit can be distributed in the vicinity of the sensors to be measured.

Foil Strain gauge F series GOBLET

TML F series is newly designed with a unique gauge pattern and special plastic backing using lead-free solder connection.
The unique gauge pattern shows a fatigue life equivalent to that of conventional strain gauges.  The special backing makes possible a wide range of operating temperature from -196 to +150°C.  The lead-free solder connection is compliant to RoHS2 Directive, and GOBLET is supplied with CE marking.
The GOBLET is now extending to other series of our strain gauges, not only to satisfy the needs for strain gauges but to meet environmental requirement including effective use of natural resources.

Data Logger TDS-540

Everything inside!
540 changes strain measurement

This is a data logger incorporating "reliability", "operability", "innovativeness" and "continuity". It is capable of performing automatic measurement of strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, DC voltage, thermocouples and Pt-RTDs with excellent accuracy and stability.

Digital Indicator TD-98A

This is a digital indicator for measurement of strain gauge type transducer.Its TFT color LCD with touch panel offers excellent visibility as well as operability. This indicator is most suited to the use for automatic manufacturing machine, sorting machine or test equipment with its high-speed processing of 2000 times/second, wave form display function and high/low limit setting function.

Small High-temperature Pressure Transducer with built-in amplifier PWFA-PA

A small pressure transducer most suited to dynamic measurement around the engine at high temperature up to 120ºC
The PWFA-PA is a M8 bolt-shaped flush diaphragm pressure transducer. It employs strain gauges as sensing element and is equipped with a built-in strain amplifier. Since the PWFA-PA is small sized and can be used for dynamic measurement in high temperature ranges, it is most suited to in-vehicle measurement of hydraulic oil pressure of engine, motor, transmission, oil pump and so on. A compact in-vehicle measurement system becomes possible because there is no need of combining an external amplifier. Its shape of M8 hexagonal bolt enables easy installation in a thread hole.

3-Component Load Cell SLP-NA-T

Measures three forces simultaneously Most suited to model testing
The SLP-NA-T is a strain gauge based load cell for simultaneous measurement of forces in three mutually perpendicular axes.  Since the load cell is constructed small and light, it is well suited to use in model testing.

Frictional Torque Transducer FGDH-3A, FGDH-3A-30/40, FGDH-3A-40/50

Globally standardized 2.4GHz band data communication system
The FGDH-3A adopts frictional type strain gauge. It does not need complicated strain gauge bonding and wiring works. It measures the torque generated on the drive shaft of a car and forwards the digital data by wireless. It uses 2.4GHz of radio band and enables long communication distance. The receiver can be installed in the car. The transducer is attached by just pinching the drive shaft with the sensor and fixing the screws. Applicable diameter of shaft is from 20 to 30mm, from 30 to 40mm, or from 40 to 50mm depending on the sensor type. The power supply is USB rechargeable type, so charging is possible without removing the sensor.

Multi-channel Dynamic Strainmeter DS-50A

Maximum 1000 channels, PC controlled type dynamic strainmeter
The DS-50A is a multi-channnel dynamic strainmeter for on-line measurement with a personal computer. One set of DS-50A is composed of five measurement units, which covers 10 channels for each one unit (50 channels for one DS-50A). Sampling speed is 1kHz at the fastest when one set is used. Simultaneous measurement of 20 sets (1,000 channels) is available at the maximum.The system enables dynamic measurement of multi-points scattered in a wide area at low cost.

YHF Post-yield strain gauge

Measuring large strain up to 30~40%
These strain gauges are developed for measurement of very large strain up to 30~40%.

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