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Strain which changes with time is called dynamic strain. The dynamic strainmeter amplifies and outputs the strain in analog form for data storage and analysis on external recording system. One strainmeter is needed for one measurement point. Nowadays, digital dynamic strainmeters in single and multi-channel configuration are also available. Their function is to convert analog signal into digital values at high speed for storage in internal memory and transfer to a PC.

Digital type

  • Digital type
  • DS-50A
  • DC-204R/DC-204Ra
  • DRC-3410
    50 channel, Multi-channel Dynamic Strainmeter
    4-channel configuration with miniature size like postcard
  • DC-004P
  • DH-14A
  • DC-004P
    4CH/2CH, Computer Control
    4CH, Handheld type, battery operation, AA batteries×4

Analog type

  • Analog type
  • DA-17A
  • DA-37A
  • DA-17A
    1 channel carrier type, band: 2.5kHz, digital monitors, Computer Control
    1 channel carrier type, band: 10kHz, digital monitors, Computer Control
  • DA-18A
  • DA-38A
  • DA-18A
    1 channel carrier type, band: 2.5kHz
    1 channel carrier type, band: 10kHz
  • DC-96A/DC-97A
    1 channel DC type (constant voltage/current), band: DC-96A,200kHz / DC-97A,500kHz  


  • Multi-Recorder
  • Multi-Recorder TMR-300 series
  • TMR-200
    Multi-recorder TMR-300 series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system capable of combining measurement units for inputting various sensors according to the purpose of measurement. Due to its compact size and light weight, the system can be easily installed not only on existing structures such as machines and bridges in which the installation space is restricted, but also on moving bodies such as automobiles, aircrafts and ships. One control unit and ten measurement units can be connected together and placed in a small space, or each measurement unit can be distributed in the vicinity of the sensors to be measured.
  • Multi-Recorder TMR-200 series
  • TMR-200
    Multi-recorder TMR-200 series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system enabling combination of various measurement units according to the purpose of measurement. Measurement object includes strain gauge, strain gauge type transducer such as load cell, pressure transducer and acceleration transducer, and thermocouple. In addition to analog input from those objects, digital input/output such as CAN in vehicle onboard measurement is possible.
  • Multi-Recorder Options

Optional Accessory

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