Histogram Recorder Index

The Multi-Recorder TMR-200 series is also available for measuring frequency distribution of phenomena using optional software Histogram Analysis Library TMR-211-01. Measured data are digitally processed in accordance with a pre-set program and are recorded in a form of histogram. In the peak/valley program for example, peak and valley values of input waveforms are detected and counted in their corresponding slice levels as shown in the figure below. Physical quantity for each slice level can be set optionally.

Histogram Recorder System

    Since the digital processing is carried out simultaneously with input of data, real-time histogram can be known with progress of the measurement, and the final histogram is obtained just after the measurement. Another advantage of this system is that a long term measurement is possible. In TMR-200 with optional software TMR-211-01, the following analysis programs are available. Peak/valley method, Maximum/minimum method, Amplitude method, Time method, Level crossing method, Rain flow method

  • TMR-200Histogram Analysis Library TM-211-01 (Software option for TMR-211)

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