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TML indicators are used with strain gauge type transducers such as load cells, displacement transducers and pressure transducers to measure physical quantities. They are equipped with digital displays for indication of physical quantities. In addition, functions such as analog output and high/low limit switches are provided for some models. The panel mounting model is used for instrumentation.

Indicators / Signal Conditioners

  • TD-98A Digital Indicator
  • TD-97A
    This is a digital indicator for measurement of strain gauge type transducer. Its TFT color LCD with touch panel offers excellent visibility as well as operability. This indicator is most suited to the use for automatic manufacturing machine, sorting machine or test equipment with its high-speed processing of 2000 times/second, wave form display function and high/low limit setting function.
  • TD-96A Digital Indicator
  • TD-95A
    The TD-96A is a digital indicator to measure load, displacement, pressure and so on using strain gauge type transducers. It incorporates an easy-to-read color graphic display to show the judgement of indicated value by color, which helps to know the status of the measurement object intuitively. It is also equipped with functions of high speed sampling, wave form display and high/low limiter, and the most suited to the use for automated production equipment, sorting machine or testing machine.
  • TC-31L Digital Load Meter
  • TC-31L
    The TC-31L is used together with strain gauge type transducers for direct reading of physical quantities such as load and displacement. While it has only one measuring point, initial memory and parameters such as capacity and rated output can be set for up to 20 transducers. It features peak hold function, and data memory for up to 4000 measurements. It also can save measured data in a flash memory card.
  • TC-31M Digital Strainmeter
  • TC-31M
    The TC-31M is a small and light weight strainmeter dedicated to measurement of full bridge method. It is suited to measurement of strain gauge type transducers in field use. In addition, unmanned long term measurement is possible using its data memory and sleep interval functions.
  • TD-23L Digital Indicator
  • TD-23L
    The TD-23L is a digital indicator designed for measurement where especially high precision is required such as measurement in calibration of force calibration machine or testing machine. Measurement mode is chosen from three modes according to the measurement condition. In the high resolution and high stability mode, resolution of 0.01×10-6 strain at bridge excitation of 10V is obtained to achieve very accurate and stable measurement.
  • TD-30L Digital Indicator
  • TD-30L
    The TD-30L is a digital indicator suited to measurement in calibration of force calibration machine or testing machine, where especially high precision is required.
    It features resolution of 0.01×10-6 strain, and very stable measurement can be performed by using the functions such as the change of bridge excitation and the moving average together.
  • TD-91B/TD-91BB Instrumentation Digital Indicator
  • TD-91B/TD-91BB
    The TD-91B/TD-91BB is a digital indicator for measuring load, displacement, pressure and so on with strain gauge type transducers. The indicator has an LED display with 20mm in character height and jog dials to offer an excellent operability. Settings can be easily made by calibration with an equivalent input value or an actual load. In addition, the result of comparison between upper/lower limit value and measurement value is output with open collector signal. The TD-91B is for panel mounting while the TD-91BB is for desktop use.

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