Switching Box ASW-30C/ASW-50C

ASW-30C/ASW-50CThese are switching boxes to expand measurement channels in combination with TML data loggers.


  • Sensor mode can be programmed from data logger
  • Measurement of strain, DC voltage and thermocouple
  • Cascade connection with data logger using 9mm dia. cable
  • Both screwing and soldering connection possible
  • The ASW-50C-05 is equipped with one-touch connector receptacles for all channels in addition to standard terminals
  • Measurement in high humid environment possible using moisture prevension heater (Option)


Type ASW-30C/ASW-50C
Number of measuring channels ASW-30C : 30 channels
ASW-50C : 50 channels
ASW-50C-05 : 50 channels
Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple
Dimensions ASW-30C : 298(W)×149(H)×283(D)mm
ASW-50C : 298(W)×149(H)×420(D)mm
ASW-50C-05 : 298(W)×149(H)×545(D)mm
Weight ASW-30C : 7kg
ASW-50C : 10kg
ASW-50C-05 : 13kg
Power supply Supplied from data logger
When power booster is used, AC power source is required.
AC90-110V (198-242V) 50/60Hz 6VA MAX for booster

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