Digital Displacement Sensor Switching Box ISW-10D

ISW-10DThe ISW-10D is an exclusive switch box for digital displacement sensors.


  • By combination use with the TDS-630 or TDS-530 measurement of digital displacement sensors is available.
  • Compatible for 2 type digital displacement sensors
  • No deterioration of signals owing to the use of digital signals.
  • Combined use is possible with conventional ISW type switching box for strain gauges.


Type ISW-10D
Number of measuring channels 10 channels
Measuring object Digital displacement sensor 5V, 12V
Measuring speed 2ms / point
Measuring range ±640000 accumulation count
Dimensions 295(W)×100(H)×190(D)mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Power supply AC85~250V 50/60Hz 48VA MAX

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