Switching Box ISW-50G

ISW-50GThe ISW-50G is an A/D converter integrated switching box designed to extend measuring channels in combination with TML data loggers TDS-540,TDS-530, TDS-602 or TDS-303. Combined use with the TDS-530 makes 1000 channel measurement in 2 seconds at the fastest.


  • TML 1-gauge 4-wire method with one-touch connection by modular plug
  • Electrically insulated from data logger
  • Simultaneous measurements of strain and temperature in the same channel with temperature-integrated
    strain gauge
  • Scanning time is 0.04 second for one channel. It is 2 seconds for 50 channels.
  • High resolution mode of 0.1x10-6 strain measurement incorporated
  • Multi-measurement of strain, DC voltage, temperature with PtRTD and thermocouple
  • Built-in surge absorber for lightning
  • The ISW-50G-05 is equipped with one-touch connector receptacles for all channels in addition to
    standard terminals.


Type ISW-50G
Number of measuring channels 50 channels
Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple, PtRTD
Scanning time 50 channels in 2 seconds
1000 channels in 2 seconds
Dimensions ISW-50G:298(W)×100(H)×500(D)mm
Weight ISW-50G : 8kg
ISW-50G-05 : 9kg
Power supply AC85-250V 50/60Hz 37VA MAX
DC10-16V 0.8A MAX

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