Data Logger TDS-630

TDS-630The TDS-630 is a high performance data logger with unmatched convenience of operation in addition to high speed, high reliability and high function. The newly developed high performance A/D converter offers very stable measurement at a speed of 0.04 seconds per channel. In high-speed mode, repeated measurements at a speed of 0.1 seconds for the maximum 1000 channels are possible. High-brightness and easy-to-view color touch screen is provided. A large capacity data memory, high-speed printer, internal timer, compact flash memory card and the like make easy and versatile automatic measurement possible without personal computer. LAN, USB and RS- 232C interfaces are equipped to enable the optimum online measurement. Option includes analog output board for voltage output working together with the monitor.


  • High-speed measurement of 1000 channels in 0.1 seconds
  • Connection of parallel communication unit (Option)
  • Multi-input measurements of strain, strain-gaugebased transducer, DC voltage and temperature
  • Color LCD monitor with touch panel having excellent contrast and visibility
  • Onboard analog output for up to 20 channels (Option)
  • Computer interface with RS-232C, USB2.0 or Ethernet LAN
  • 1-Gauge 4-Wire strain measurement method makes it possible to connect the modular plug coming
    in 4 wire system from a strain gauge.
  • Storing media with onboard data memory and flash memory
  • Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature with one channel
  • Built-in high resolution mode of 0.1 microstrain


Type TDS-630
Number of channels 1000 in combination use with switching boxes
Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple, PtRTD
Scanning time In combination with high-speed switching box IHW-50H adopting a new
high-speed communication method, the maximum 1000 channels can be
measured in 0.1 seconds. Connection cable is TML-LINK exclusive cable.
This composition also makes it possible to measure 50, 200 and 500
channels in 0.1 seconds.
Dimensions 430(W)×148(H)×440(D)mm
Weight 10kg
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz 150VA Max.


  • Built-in switching box extension (Factory installed option)
    The standard TDS-630 incorporates 10 channel switching box. Channel extension is available up to 30 channels by every 10 channels.(maximum of 3 units).
  • Parallel Communication Unit PCU-4A (for IHW-50G-01)
    The PCU-4A is connected with the TDS-630 and can let 4 units of IHW-50G-01 run in parallel.
    • Combination use with only IHW-50G-0l (optional)
    • Direct connection to the TDS-630 by TML-LINK special cable
    • Possible control up to 4 units of the IHW-50G-01
    • With 5 units of PCU-4A, parallel measurement is available with 20 units of IHW-50G-01, enabling
      measurement of 1000 channels in 0.1sec. repeatable
  • Maximum 20 channel analog output unit (Factory installed option)
    The measured digital values of the channels monitored by TDS-630 are converted into analog voltage values to be output. Output range: 0 ~ +5V, ±5V, ±10V Data renewal time: Fastest 0.1 sec. (according to monitor frequency)
  • Alarm Unit (Factory installed option)
    In the measurement using the alarm function of TDS-630, alarm signals are output.
    Output signals: SEP, UP, LOW, MID
  • TML-NET Network Driver NDR-100
    NDR-100 is a driver interface to get TML-NET compatible transducers and network modules operated from TDS-630. A dispersion type data acquisition system can be configured.

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