Frictional type Axial Strain Transducer FGAH-1B-R / FGAH-1B-H

This is a transducer to measure axial strain of tie-rod of a car. It is also suited to measure axial strain of tension rod used in aseismic reinforcement structure or in steel frame structure. Since frictional strain gauges are used in this transducer, installation is completed and it gets ready for measurement by merely pinching the rod with the transducer, without detaching the rod. There is no need of technical skill or complicated works for attaching strain gauges on the rod. It is applicable either to round rod or hexagonal rod by replacing the spacer and fixing bracket.


Applicable shaft Round shape
φ 10.0 ~25.0mm
Hexagon shape
Width across flats
10.0 ~ 25.0mm
1000×10-6 strain
Rated output
Approx.2600× 10-6 strain
Non-linearity 1%RO
Allowable temperature
-30~+60°C (no dew condensation)
Frequency response Approx. 6.5kHz
Input/output resistance 1000Ω±3%
Sensor mode Full bridge
Dimensions Approx. φ52×35mm
Weight Approx. 55g(excluding spacers and cable)
Protection rating Equivalent to IP51
Recommended exciting
A l lowab l e e x c i t ing
Input/output cable φ3.2mm 0.08mm² 4-core shielded vinyl cable 5m

[Test conditions] Test piece
1. Diameter 10mm
2. Inner diameter 6.2mm
3. Material SNCM439
4. Elastic modulus 210,000N/mm² (our in-house test result)
5. Poisson’s ratio 0.29 (our in-house test result)
6. Surface roughness Ra1.2
7. Hardness HRC38

*This transducer may not be applicable depending on the material, surface roughness and/or surface treatment of the rod.


  • Easily installed by just clamping-on without detaching the existing rod
  • Tensile force management of rod between sheet piles or in architectural structures is easily achieved
  • Transducer can be removed after use and used repeatedly
  • Applicable rod is round rod of diameter 10~25 mm or hexagonal rod of width across flats 10~25 mm
  • Small and light construction to allow installation in a restricted space

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