Multi-channel Dynamic Strainmeter DS-50A

DRC-3410The DS-50A is a multi-channnel dynamic strainmeter for on-line measurement with a personal computer. One set of DS-50A is composed of five measurement units, which covers 10 channels for each one unit (50 channels for one DS-50A). Strain unit and voltage unit are available. Number of these two units should be specified when ordering a DS-50A. Measurement is made using a standard software DS-750 supplied to the DS-50A or an optional Dynamic measurement software Visual LOG DS-7640 which is specially prepared for DS-50A. The system enables dynamic measurement of multi-points scattered in a wide area at low cost.


  • 1kHz sampling at the fastest when 1 set is used.
  • Simultaneous measurement of 20 sets (1,000 channels) is available at the maximum.(Using software DS-7640)
  • Bridge box is built in for each channel of strain unit.
  • The distance between each two DS-50A can be extended up to 100 meters using the exclusive cable.


Type DS-50A
Number of channels Maximum 50 channels
Strain unit, voltage unit and thermocouple unit can be mixed.
10 channels / 1 unit
Synchronization Maximum 20 sets (1,000points)
Sampling speed 1~10,000ms *1
Interface LAN (100BASE-TX)
Dimensions 420(W)×110(H)×298(D)mm (excluding projected parts)
Weight 5kg
Power supply AC90~250V 50/60Hz 50VA Maximum

*1 : The sampling speed is added 1ms with connecting each one set.

Strain unit
Number of channels 10 channels
Gauge resistance Quarter bridge 3-wire system 120Ω, 350Ω
Half bridge system 120~1,000Ω
Full bridge system 120~1,000Ω
Bridge excitation DC 2V
Measuring accuracy ±0.05%FS (at 23±5°C)
Measuring range ±25,000×10-6 strain
Frequency response DC~100Hz
Voltage unit
Number of channels 10 channels
Measuring range ±20V
Frequency response DC~100Hz
Thermocouple unit
Number of channels 10 channels
Measuring range T: -250~+400°C
K: -210~+1370°C
J: -200~+1200°C
Frequency response DC~10Hz

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