Switching Box SSW-50D

SSW-50DThe SSW-50D switching box is used in combination with TML Data Loggers to expand the measuring channels. The number of measuring channel is 50 per unit, and in addition to measurements of strain in ordinary bridge configurations, DC voltage and thermocouple, and a new strain measurement method with a 1-gauge 4-wire is provided.
Since modular connector plugs are available for the 1-gauge 4-wire measurement, wire connection can be speedy finished.


  • Possible strain measurement with TML new 1-gauge 4-wire method
  • Available for strain, DC voltage and thermocouple measurements
  • Can be used with TML Switching boxes model SSW / ASW / ISW-50C
  • High resolution mode of 0.1×10-6 strain available
  • Built-in power booster provided for long distance or large number of channels extension
  • The SSW-50D-05 is equipped with one-touch connector receptacles for all channels in addition to
    standard terminals.
  • Option includes built-in heater for moisture prevention


Type SSW-50D
Number of measuring channels 50 channels
Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple
Dimensions SSW-50D : 298(W)×100(H)×500(D)mm
SSW-50D-05 : 298(W)×100(H)×600(D)mm
Weight SSW-50D: 7kg
SSW-50D-05: 8kg(connector type)
Power supply Supplied from data logger.
When the power booster is used, AC power is required.
AC85-120V 50/60Hz13VA MAX
AC121-250V 50/60Hz 21VA MAX

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