Data Logger use static measurement software TDS-7130v2

Static Measurement Software
-- Windows Vista(SP2), 7(SP1), 8, 8.1, 10 --

Static measurement

Data Logger use static measurement software TDS-7130v2

TDS-7130The TDS-7130v2 runs on a MS Windows PC to perform static measurement using TML data loggers. In addition to visual representation with multiple graphs, this software is a powerful tool for creating a report with data and graphs because it is capable of pasting multiple graphs, value monitors, labels and images on one graph sheet. It can take the most advantage of the data logger function of automatic multi-channel measurement. The TDS-7130v2-A, applicable to long-term measurement and alarm contact, is optionally available. It has additional functions including automatic start of measurement, alarm output using contact unit, and automatic scroll of progress monitor. With these functions, the software is suitable for observation during and after construction, and construction management.

Applicable instruments
High Speed Data Logger THS-1100/-1000 Data Logger TDS-630/TDS-540/TDS-530/TDS-150/TDS-602/TDS-601/TDS-601A/TDS-303/TDS-302/TDS-300/TDS-102 Multi-channel Digital Strainmeter DRA-30A (on static mode) TML-NET Interface NIF-100/TC-35N

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