Tension Load Cells Index

Compression-familyTensile load cells used mainly for tensile testing of wire rope and lifting load of a crane.

  • TLJ-NA Tension Load Cell[10-100kN]
  • TLJ-NA
    The TLJ-NA Tension Load Cell is designed considering JIS B 7728 "Load calibration devices for verifying material testing machine" and is the most suitable for verification of uni-axial tensile testing machine. Calibration in accordance with JIS B 7728 is available at extra cost.
  • TLP-NB Tension Load Cell[10kN-1MN]
  • TLP-NB
    The TLP-NB Tension Load Cell is a tension-only load cell that is used primarily in applications such as measuring tension on wire rope or loads suspended from cranes. Eyebolts integrated into the main unit facilitate mounting simply by attaching shackles.

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