Strain gauge type transducers electrically measure physical quantities such as load and displacement. They operate by converting physical quantities into mechanical stress, and then detecting that stress with a strain gauge. TML offers a number of products according to the item and quantity measured. Since our products use strain gauges, they can be connected to all types of strainmeters, such as data loggers and dynamic strainmeters, for taking measurements. This enables capabilities like automatic multiple-point measurement as well as measurement via computer. Our strain gauge type transducers offer a variety of features like compact size, light weight and easy operation, high-precision measurements with excellent linearity and accuracy, as well as dynamic measurement capability that is available in many of our products. These features led to widespread use of our strain gauge tranducers not only for testing and research, but for control in all types of industrial and civil engineering fields as well. For more details on civil engineering transducrs, be sure to refer to our catalog entitled Civil Engineering Transducers provided separately.

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