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Product Introduction

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  • Strain gauge
    Strain Gauge
    Lineup of almost 8,000 gauges of the industry highest level to meet all requirements.
  • Transducers
    High precision and stable quality is realized in response to reliance of a user.
  • Instruments
    Designed for various measurement application with strain gauges, thermocouple, DC voltage and measurement purpose of static, dynamic strain and frequency analysis.
  • Automotive Measuring System
    Automotive Measuring System
    Integrated measuring system for wheel 6-component force, wheel torque and displace on driving.
  • Special Purpose Measurement
    Special Purpose Measurement
    Integrated measuring system of sensor and instruments designed for special purpose.
  • Measurement Software
    Measurement Software
    Various measurement software designed specially for use with strain instruments of TML.
  • Service
    Based on our numerous measurement projects and achievements in the field, we are able to provide an optimum measurement plan and onto preparation, data processing, and creation of a report.