Quality policy

The QUALITY POLICY of Tokyo Measuring Instruments Laboratory Co., Ltd. is to manufacture trustworthy products. It is in line with this policy that the company always carries out quality assurance activities from the customer's point of view. Our idea of products includes not only manufactured objects, but also our sales activities, as well as our installation, measurement, and product services, through which we strive to offer trustworthy products to customers.

ISO 9001 series certification

In January of 1997, our strainmeter section was certified with the international standard ISO 9001 for quality guarantee and quality management, and in January of 1999, this expanded to include our transducer section. And in February of 2006, the strain gauge section was also added.
Tokyo Measuring Instruments Laboratory will continue to maintain and strive for ISO 9001 certifications with a goal of ISO 9001 certification by our entire company.

Traceability system

We build quality into our products that are to be delivered to customers, check the quality built into our products through inspections, and make sure that our products meet necessary standards for quality and function by sampling and testing our products for their environmental resistance and other properties. Appropriate maintenance and management of measuring equipment and jigs used in these manufacturing, inspection, and testing processes are an essential part of assuring the performance of products, particularly their precision.
We have an established traceability system in place for these pieces of measuring equipment and jigs. We also have our proof standards undergo periodic calibration by public institutions according to the national standards, and carry out regular in-house calibration and inspection on our company standards, as part of our efforts to maintain the performance of our measuring equipment and jigs.

JCSS accredited

Accreditation Number: 0090

Calibration Office, Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo, was approved as a JCSS-accredited laboratory in the category of Force Calibrations (in December 2000).
JCSS-accredited laboratories are organizations that have been certified by International Accreditation Japan, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, as having the technical capability required to carry out appropriate calibration in accordance with measurement-related laws and regulations and the requirements of ISO/IEC17025. These organizations are allowed to issue calibration certificates with the JCSS logo, which shows traceability to national measurement standards. Moreover, Calibration Office, Kiryu Factory, Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo was certified as a JCSS-accredited laboratory working in compliance with an international Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) in October 2005. The accreditation number of the Kiryu Factory is 0090, which shows that it has signed the international Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). This certification is proof that the factory meets international standards.