Smart Dynamic Strain Recorder DC-104R/Ra

Small Dynamic Strain Recorder DC-104R


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Copy right: Tokyo Measuring Instruments Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Cautions in updating the firmware

The DC-104R/Ra (hereinafter called "the instrument") has a rewrite function of EEPROM, and updating program can be downloaded from the website. When updating, read "How to Use & Procedures 1" below and the "4-3. Upgrading DC-104R/Ra" of the operation manual or "How to Use & Procedures 2" below.

Small Dynamic Strain Recorder DC-104R/Ra Ver. 3.2B Firmware Updating 2009/03/19

■Contents of Modification

・The defect that correct result is not obtained in CF-Card Check is rectified
(Correct result may not be obtained when using a CF card of other manufacturer than the manufacturer of CF card for DC204R/DC-204Ra designated by TML.) 
Because high speed random access performance is required for CF card used for DC-104R/DC-104Ra, use a CF card designated by TML.

Caution: When two or more units of DC-104R/DC-104Ra are connected and used, all units must have the same main ROM version.  Otherwise, correct measurement cannot be performed.


Users for DC-104R/DC-104Ra with Ver. 1.0A, 1.0B, 1.0C, 2.0A, 2.1A, 3.0A, 3.1A ,3.2A

■Confirmation Work (Refer to "6-2. Confirming Setting Condition" of the DC-7104 operation manual.)

Click the list button in the main menu screen of the supplied controller DC-7104 or "Other (C)" and then "Setting/Condition List (S)" to select the instrument to be checked from the "Selecting Instrument/Channel" window. After selection, the "Setting/Condition List" window is opened. The "MAIN ROM version: 1.0A, 1.0B, 1.0C, 2.0A, 2.1A, 3.0A,3.1A and 3.2A" in the "Setting/Condition List" box is for the user in question. After updating, the "MAIN ROM version: 3.2B" is indicated.


Updating should be done for each one unit of DC-104R/DC-104Ra.  If updating is carried out when two or more units are connected, there is a possibility that all connected units become inoperative.

■How to use / Procedures 1

1. Click the Download Start on the lower light of page. Downloading will get started.

2. After downloading the file DC10432B.PRG, carry out the updating work to Ver. 3.2A in accordance with the "How to Use / Procedure 2" below.

Download Start

■How to use / Procedures 2

  1. Make sure that the power supply to the DC-104R/DC-104Ra (hereafter referred to as instrument) is turned off and the control software DC-7104 is not running.
  2. Press and hold the START/STOP key on the front panel of the instrument, and turn on the power supply to the instrument.  After SYNC and MES LEDs start to blink, release the START/STOP key.
  3. Run the control software DC-7104.  Just after the software is started, “Version Up” window opens.  Click the “OK” button to continue the updating.
  4. Choose the menu “Other (C)” and then “Write Program(W)”
  5. The following “DC-104R Version Up” window opens.  Click the “Next” button to continue the updating.104r-1e
  6. A window opens showing the message “Specify the place of the program file.”  Click the “File designation” button to continue.104r-2e
  7. By clicking the “File designation” button in 6., “Read File” window opens.  Select the updating file which has been downloaded and click the “Open” button.104r-3e
  8. By selecting the file, a window opens to notify that the program file has been read.  Click the “Run” button to execute updating.104r-4e
  9. After the updating is finished completely, the following window opens.  Click the “Cancel” button to end.  Turn on the power of the instrument again to perform measurement after the updating.104r-5e

Download Start

History: Modifications of Ver. 3.2A

  • The CF card of 1GB was able to be used.
  • A defect that calibration output was not obtained when the number of channels was 1 or 2 was rectified (for DC-104Ra).
  • A defect that a file of around 3 seconds was created in slave unit when balance operation with panel key of master unit was executed in the case of connecting and using two more units.

History: Modifications of Ver. 3.1A

  • The ROM versions of DC-104R and DC-104Ra were unified.

History: Modifications of Ver. 2.1A

  • The CF cards of 512MB or 256MB were able to be used.
  • Samplings of 200msec, 500msec and 1 sec. were added. 
  • Data recovery even in power failure during measurement had get possible.

History: Modifications of Ver. 2.0A

  • A function to output data from USB during measurement was added.
  • A function to re-start measurement after power recovery in case of power failure during measurement was added.
  • A defect that channel 4 is delayed by one data from channels 1, 2 and 3 was rectified.
  • A defect that measurement start of master unit is delayed from slave unit in using a PC software with MAIN ROM version 1.0C was rectified.

History: Modifications of Ver. 1.0C

  • A function to make initial balancing by DC-104R itself was added. (For detail, refer to the additional operation manual.)
  • Additional manual (PDF file) USBdriverE.pdf download (155 KB)
  • A defect that an initial-balanced monitor value was replaced by direct value when powered on again.