Strain gauges for large strain measurement

Strain gague selection for large strain measurement

Ordinary metal has an elastic limit (strain limit), and F series strain gauges for general use are used for measuring strain in this range. For measurement of strain in the range beyond the elastic limit until the material breaks, YEF/YF/YHF series post-yield strain gauges (large-strain gauges) are used.

Post-yield gauges according to measuring objects

Metal/Elongation 10 to 15 %

Metal/Elongation 15 to 20 %

Metal/Elongation 30 to 40 %

About adhesive

In case of long time lapse (several days) after bonding, CN-Y adhesive is recommended. Bonding with the CN-Y makes 1-year later large strain measurement possible. (The specimen shoud be stored in room.) On the contrary, measurement just or several hours after bonding is possible with CN adhesive.