Static Strainmeters Selection

Static strainmeters and indicators

Static strainmeters are classified into single-channel static strainmeter and multi-channel automatic switching data loggers. Most of these instruments can measure not only strain gauges but also DC voltage and temperaure using thermocouples and Pt RTD.


Indicators are instruments especially for full bridge transducers such as load cells, displacement transducers, and pressure transducers. Models including ones that can be panel-mounted or that have a settable upper/lower limit are available for industrial applications.

TML-NET network-capable instruments

TML-NET is our own system that measurement control and data transfer as well as power supply are executed on 2-wire network line. There are single-channel handheld readout optimum for in-situ measurement and network driver for combined with mult-channel automatic switching data loggers.

Static measurement (Multi-channel)

Strain gauges Quarter, half and full bridge
Strain gauge base transducers (full bridge) Load Cells, Displacement transducers, Pressure transducers, Civil engineering transducers (excepting accelerometers for dynamic measurement)
DC voltage Maximum ±64 V
Thermocouples T, K, J, B, S, R, E, N
Pt RTD 3-wire (Pt 3W)

Static straimeter

Static straimeter (Single channel)
Handheld data logger TC-32K Possible 5-channel automatic scanning with external CSW-5A switching box. Multi-input measurement, Battery operation, USB and RS-232C interface
Data loggers (Automatic multi-channel switching)
High-speed, high-functionality data logger TDS-630 Repeat measurement of max. 1000 channels in 0.1 seconds
(with a specific switching box)
7.5" touch-panel mounted color LCD monitor
Three interfaces: USB, LAN and RS-232C
Data logger T-ZACCS5
Max. 1000 channels (with external switching boxes)
Touch-panel mounted color LCD monitor
Remote data logger function
3 interfaces: USB, LAN and RS-232C
Data logger TDS-540 Max. 1000 channels (with external switching boxes)
Touch-panel mounted color LCD monitor
Remote data logger function
3 interfaces: USB, LAN and RS-232C ,WiFi (option)
Portable data logger TDS-150 Max. 5 dedicated channel units connectable (up to 50 ch)
Max. 100 channels using TML-NET drving board (option)
Battery operation, Multi-measurement
Interfaces: USB, RS-232C, and LAN(Option)
Alarm contact output (optional)

Indicator : Single channel measurement

Digital full bridge strainmeter TC-31M For full bridge strain gauge based transducers, Battery (dry cell) operation
Pocket Data Logger for Strain Measurement T-ZACCS3
For full bridge strain gauge based transducers

TML-NET Network measurement system
(with optional network modules and module-onboard transducers)

Network handheld instrument TC-35N Max. 100 channels
Battery operation
RS232C interface
Monitoring system controller MD-111 Max. 100 channels
DC operation
Counts/records rain gauge pulse by contact input.
Alert output by contact output.
Portable data logger
TDS-150-06 Max. 100 channels using switching box TML-NET driving board
Battery operation
RS232C interface, LAN (option)
Network driver NDR-100 Connection with TML-NET compatible data loggers (using the exclusive 7-wire cable)
100 channels per unit, max. 1000 channels with max. 10 units in branch connection
Network interface NIF-100 On-line connection via RS-232C (converted into 2-wire signal)
Max. 100 channels in branch connection