Arrester-protected Measuring System

Straight lightning

This means that connection cables and structures are struck directly by lightning. If the measuring system suffers from straight lightning, it is heavily damaged and may lead to destroy. In case of straight lightning, most of instruments and sensors become inoperable.

Induced lightning

This means that when lightning discharge is generated among thunder clouds or between the cloud and ground,a large voltage is induced in the cables, etc. under the cloud. Its energy reaches thousands volt or thousands ampere even if not sensing the lightning and as a result surge enters via cables, telephone lines, etc. to damage instruments.

As countermeasure against thunder and lightning, there is protection system on condition that lightning is induced.

Sensor arrester NZ-6B Applicable for 2-point sensor with common input (2 directional inclinometer)
Instrument arrester NZ-7C With output terminals (3P), easy power connection with switching box
Thunder proof for TML-NET NNZ-2A Protects network measuring system TML-NET from induced lighting
Surge absorber terminal SAT Connection terminal for sensors/terminals with built-in gas tube arrester