Composite strain measurement

Strain gauge selection for composite materials

Composite materials such as GFRP and CFRP are glass-fiber or carbon-fiber filled and reinforcde plastics, so the mechanical characteristics differ depending on the material of fiber, the amount of fill and the direction of fiber. Especially, the characteristics in the fiber are entirely different in the axial direction and transverse direction. Among various composites, there is one approximating to metalic materials in the elastic modulus and linear expansion coefficient reflecting the characteristics of the fiber. For measurement, BF/UBF series strain gauges are used. Adhesives are the same as those for metallic materials.

Test item Material testing of CFRP up to 150 ℃
Strain gauge DSF series BF series UBF series
only for dynamic measurement
Adhesive EB-2 NP-50B EB-2
Leadwires Φ0.18 mm2,6 F fluorinated resin sheathed