High Endurance Strain Gauge

DSF series High Endurance Strain Gauge

These gauges are designed for fatigue tests, and can reach a fatigue life of over 10 million times at a strain level of ±3000 με. Compared to previously (1 million times at ±1500με), these are gauges of exceptionally high durability.
In aviation and other areas, repeated load tests of large elongation of composite materials are conducted. However, it had been necessary to adhere a new strain gauge frequently as a gauge reached its fatigue life. The DSF series greatly reduces time and cost of adhering gauges.

High Endurance Strain Gauge
Applicable specimen Metal, Composite materials
Operational temperature(°C) -60 to +200°C
Temperature compensation range(°C) -
Applicable adhesive CN, EB-2B, C-1
Backing Polyimide
Element Special alloy
Strain limit 1% (10000×10-6 strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature 1×107 (±3000×10-6 strain)

* Because this strain gauge is not self-temperature-compensated, it is recommended to preliminarily measure thermal output of this strain gauge using a dummy specimen which is made of the same material as the test specimen.

  • High Endurance Strain Gauge

    Gauge pattern Type Gauge
    Gauge factor
    img_dsfla DSFLA-2-350 2 2 8 3.3 350 Approx. 3.5
    DSFLA-5-350 5 2 11 3.2 350 Approx. 3.5
  • Lead wires recommended for DSF series strain gauges (made-to-order)

    Purpose Lead wires Lead wire symbol Operating temperature range
    (℃ )
    Gauge type exampled
    General measurement (no temperature change) 2-wire parallel vinyl wire LJC -20 to +80 DSFLA-2-350-3LJC
    General measurement 3-wire parallel vinyl wire LJCT -20 to +80 DSFLA-2-350-3LJCT
    Medium/high temperature 3-wire parallel special vinyl wire LXT -20 to +150 DSFLA-2-350-3LXT
    3-strand twisted FEP single-core wire 6FB♦LT -269 to +200 DSFLA-2-350-6FB3LT

    * “♦” indicates lead wire length