Data Loggers

Data Logger TDS-630

The TDS-630 is a high performance data logger with unmatched convenience of operation in addition to high speed, high reliability and high function. The newly developed high performance A/D converter offers very stable measurement at a speed of 0.04 seconds per channel. In high-speed mode, repeated measurements at a speed of 0.1 seconds for the maximum 1000 channels are possible. High-brightness and easy-to-view color touch screen is provided. A large capacity data memory, high-speed printer, internal timer, compact flash memory card and the like make easy and versatile automatic measurement possible without personal computer. LAN, USB and RS- 232C interfaces are equipped to enable the optimum online measurement. Option includes analog output board for voltage output working together with the monitor.

Data Logger TDS-630
  • High-speed measurement of 1000 channels in 0.1 seconds
  • Connection of parallel communication unit (Option)
  • Multi-input measurements of strain, strain-gaugebased transducer, DC voltage and temperature
  • Color LCD monitor with touch panel having excellent contrast and visibility
  • Onboard analog output for up to 20 channels (Option)
  • Computer interface with RS-232C, USB2.0 or Ethernet LAN
  • 1-Gauge 4-Wire strain measurement method makes it possible to connect the modular plug coming in 4 wire system from a strain gauge.
  • Storing media with onboard data memory and flash memory
  • Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature with one channel
  • Built-in high resolution mode of 0.1 microstrain
  • Specifications

    Type TDS-630
    Number of channels 1000 in combination use with switching boxes 
    Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple, PtRTD
    Scanning time In combination with high-speed switching box IHW-50H adopting a new high-speed communication method, the maximum 1000 channels can be measured in 0.1 seconds. Connection cable is TML-LINK exclusive cable.
    This composition also makes it possible to measure 50, 200 and 500 channels in 0.1 seconds.
    Dimensions 430(W) x 148(H) x 440(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 10 kg
    Power supply AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz 150 VA Max.


  • Built-in switching box extension
    The standard TDS-630 incorporates 10 channel switching box. Channel extension is available up to 30 channels by every 10 channels.
  • Analog output unit (Factory installed option)Measurements of monitored channels are A/D converted and output as a voltage.

T-ZACCS5 Data Logger TS-560

Next-generation data logger with sophisticated functions integrated in a compact body

T-ZACCS 5 TS-560 is a data logger that is easily capable of multi-point measurement when combined with high speed switching box IHW-50G and/or switching box ISW-50G. The maximum number of measuring point is 1000, and an arbitrary combination of inputs including strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, dc voltage, thermocouples and Pt-RTDs are available according to the measurement conditions. Since it has achieved smaller and more lightweight construction than conventional data loggers, it is applicable to various measurement situations. The color LCD touch screen provides comfortable and intuitive operation and clear monitoring display. In addition to real-time monitoring, it is possible to make quick confirmation/verification of measured data after the measurement.

  • Data are securely held by the robust built-in data memory
  • Stable interval measurement possible at clock accuracy of daily rate ±1 second
  • Batch setting of coefficient, unit, decimal point and sensor type using “Sensor ID”
  • “Quick interval” function provided for interval measurement without the need for setting
  • “Remote data logger” function provided for control through an internet browser
  • Number of measuring point is 1000 at maximum (using external switching boxes)
  • Equipped with Complete Compensation Method of Strain
  • Various check functions (automatic checking using timer is possible)
  • Touch screen color LCD monitor
  • Automatic measurement function using interval timer and monitor comparator
  • SD card and USB memory are accepted as recording media
  • Equipped with LAN, USB and RS-232C as standard specifications
  • Powered by built-in battery even if external power supply is interrupted
  • Specifications

    Type TS-560
    Number of measuring point 1000 points at maximum
    Measuring speed IHW-50G 1 s/1000 points
    ISW-50G 3 s/1000 points
    Measurement mode Initial, Direct, Measure (Direct only for temperature measurement)
    Simple measure Coefficient 1.000
    Unit Depends on sensor mode
    Decimal point Depends on sensor mode
    Compensation mode Comet NON/Comet A/Comet B
    Sensor mode Strain Quarter bridge 3-wire 120/240/350 Ω
    Half bridge, Half bridge common dummy
    Full bridge
    Full bridge high resolution Full bridge constant current 350 Ω
    Full bridge constant current high resolution 350 Ω
    Full bridge 0-2V mode
    Temperature-integrated strain gauge 120/240/350 Ω
    1-gauge 4-wire 120/240/350 Ω
    Temperature Thermocouple T, K, J, B, S, R, E, N
    Pt-RTD Pt100 3W
    Voltage 640 mV, 64 V
    Recording Internal memory, SD card, USB memory
    Interface LAN, USB, RS-232C
    External dimensions 200(W) × 30(H) × 150(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 1 kg
    Power supply AC adaptor (CR-1867) AC 100~240 V 50/60 Hz 152 VA max.
    Built-in battery Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery
    Continuous operating time Approx. 1 hour (Temperature: 23°C±5°C, When IHW-50G is connected)



Data Logger TDS-540CE

Measurement of strain, strain gauge type transducer, DC voltage and temperatureThis data logger is an all-in-one-type static strainmeter. This single strainmeter allows measurement using strain gauge, strain gauge-type transducer, DC voltage, thermocouple, and Pt-RTD.

Data Logger TDS-540
  • Onboard color LCD with touch panel offers excellent intuitive operability in either English or Japanese
  • Equipped with three interfaces of LAN, USB and RS-232C
  • SD card and USB memory are usable for data storing in addition to internal data memory
  • Remote data logger function provided card
  • Specifications

    Type TDS-540
    Number of channels 1000 points (using external switching boxes)
    (2000 points at maximum when temperature-integrated strain gauges are used)
    Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple, Pt RTD
    Scanning time

    IHW-50G: 0.4 s/1000 points (1 s/point)
    ISW-50G: 2 s/1000 points (3 s/1000 points)
    ISW-50C: 3 s/1000 points (5 s/1000 points)
    ASW/SSW: 0.08 s/1000 points (80 s/1000 points)
    Built-in switching box: 0.04 s/point, 0.08 s/point
    TML-NET: 200 s/1000 points (0.20 s/point)

    Dimensions 320(W) x 130(H) x 440(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 8 kg
    Power supply AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz 152 VA MAX

System Block Diagram



  • Built-in switching box unit (with terminal board and connecctor receptacle)
    Available up to 30 channels by every 10 channels
  • Built-in switching box unit: H (High speed type with terminal board and connecctor receptacle)
    Available up to 30 channels by every 10 channels
  • Built-in 1-gauge 4-wire unit: HF (High speed type with 1-gauge 4-wire strain measurement method)
    This is a modular jack unit for 1-gauge 4-wire connection added to the built-in high speed type switching box unit
  • ISW/IHW switching box control unit
    For connection of ISW/IHW switching boxes
  • ASW/SSW switching box control unit
    For connection of ASW/SSW switching boxes

Portable Data Logger TDS-150CE

This portable data logger TDS-150 consists of a control unit (TDS-150) and exclusive decade channel units (FSW-10) and measures strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, DC voltages, thermocouples and PtRTD. The decade channel unit (FSW-10/FSW-10L) can be cascaded up to 5 units to total 50 channels. In addition, by using a switching box/TML-NET driving board (option), it can be extended up to 100 channels. The TDS-150 operates on not only AC mains but alkaline D-cells or external battery and has data memory and sleep interval timer functions for long term automatic measurement. It is possible to store measurement data and setup conditions on compact flash memory card. Interfaces are USB and RS-232C, and reading of various setting conditions and measurement data can be conducted from a PC.

Portable Data Logger TDS-150
  • Connectable five decade channel units (FSW-10/FSW-10L) for 50 channels max.
  • A switching box TML-NET drive board (optional) allows connection of up to 100 channels of TML-NET network modules.
  • Wireless measurement possible using a ZT-150 wireless controller and ZT-014 wireless module (optional).
  • Possible long-term automatic measurement using sleep interval timer.
  • Standard USB and RS-232C interfaces, optional LAN capability
  • Low power consumption
  • Measurement of strain, DC voltage and temperature using thermocouple and Pt RTD.
  • Large capacity data memory available.
  • 1-gauge 4-wire method available.
  • TEDS compatible
  • Complete correction method for strain
  • Specifications

    Type TDS-150
    Number of channels Maximum 100 channels : In conjunction with external switching boxes
    NB: Switching box/TML-NET driving board (Factory-installed option) is required.
    Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, thermocouple, Pt RTD
    Measuring speed 0.08 sec/channel
    Dimensions TDS-150 : 280(W) x 60(H) x 162(D) mm (excluding projecting parts)
    FSW-10 : 280(W) x 60(H) x 100(D) mm (excluding projecting parts)
    FSW-10L : 280(W) x 60(H) x 60(D) mm (excluding projecting parts)
    Weight TDS-150 : Approx. 1.0 kg
    Battery unit : Approx. 0.6 kg (No battery installed)
    FSW-10 : Approx. 1.5 kg
    FSW-10L : Approx. 1.0 kg
    Power requirement LR20 Alkaline cell 4 pieces
    Exclusive AC adaptor (CR-1867) (Option)

System Block Diagram


Handheld Data Logger TC-32K

The TC-32K is a compact and handheld digital data logger. Its splash-waterproof construction enables outdoor use. The sensor connection terminal board is a patented one-touch type to facilitate connection with leadwires and banana plug and speedy preparation for measurement. Sensor mode, coefficient and initial values can be set and measurement values recorded for the maximum 20 channels, so you can collect measurement data at several field sites for later data processing. The use of the exclusive switching box CSW-5B makes 5-channel automatic measurement possible. The TC-32K has an interval timer, data memory, compact flash memory card slot and interfaces for computer control and data transfer. Gauge resistance and insulation resistance measurement functions are also provided to easily check strain gauges and transducers.

Handheld Data Logger TC-32K
  • High brightness LCD and Easy operation with menu in Japanese or English
  • Standard interface USB and RS-232C provided
  • Measurement data and setup conditons can be stored on compact flash card.
  • Measures strain, DC voltage, thermocouple, PtRTD
  • Insulation resistance measurement function is provided to check sensors.
  • 1-Gauge 4-Wire strain measurement compatible
  • New compensation methods of measuring strain provided
  • TEDS compatible
  • One touch connection of sensor cable
  • Possible automatic measurement using sleep interval timer
  • Low power consumption, Alkaline battery (LR6 x 4) drive supported, Easy battery exchange on site
  • Multiple measurement available with exclusive switching box CSW-5B
  • Possible combination of 2 directional inclinometer adaptor IA-33 and IA-32
  • Specifications

    Type TC-32K
    Number of channels 1 channel : TC-32K only 
    5 channels : Combined with CSW-5B, CSW-50B-05
    Measuring object Strain, DC voltage, Thermocouple, PtRTD
    Measuring speed 0.08 sec/channel TC-32K only 
    0.08 sec/channel Combined with CSW-5B 
    Dimension 102(W) x 49(H) x 223(D) mm  (except projecting parts)
    Weight Approx. 800 g
    Power supply 4 AA-size (LR6) alkaline batteries
    or 4 AA-size Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries (KR-AA)
    or exclusive AC adaptor DC9 - 18V (Option)

System Block Diagram


T-ZACCS3 Pocket Data Logger for Strain Measurement MM-014

Small and light-weight instrument for simple and accurate strain measurement

The MM-014 is a small and light-weight instrument that enables strain measurement by easy operation. Our unique measurement method is employed for highly accurate and stable measurement. Owing to the adoption of reflective color LCD, excellent visibility and long-time operation with low power consumption are realized. Stable automatic measurement is possible for a long time by the built-in sleep function with high accuracy and low power consumption. Intuitive operation is performed using the function keys which are linked with icons in the screen. With the connection of a sensor, its measured value is confirmed in real time. The measured values are stored in a SD card for easy and smooth data acquisition.

  • Owing to our unique measurement method, power line noise is eliminated and stable measurement is realized
  • Reflective color LCD that is clearly visible even outdoors under a bright sky (display in Japanese or English switchable)
  • Long-time operation by battery (continuous operation for 8 hours)
  • Automatic measurement function provided (measurement of 2800 times possible at intervals of 1 hour using sleep function)
  • Batch setting of coefficient, unit, decimal point and sensor type using “Sensor ID”
  • Accepts TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensor
  • Data are securely held by recording them into the built-in data memory
  • Easy data collection using SD card
  • Specifications

    Type MM-014
    Number of measuring point 1 point
    Bridge excitation DC1V
    Applicable transducer Strain gauge type transducer (full bridge)
    Applicable gauge resistance 120 ~ 1000 Ω
    Measuring range ±30,000×10-6strain
    Resolution 1×10-6strain
    Initial value memory range ±16,000×10-6strain
    Input Terminal block / Connector (EPRC07)
    Measurement mode Initial, Direct, Measure
    Program setting Coefficient, Unit, Decimal point, Offset
    Coefficient setting Sensor ID, TEDS, Coefficient input
    Interval timer Measurement at set intervals
    Display 2.7 inch TFT color liquid crystal display
    Resolution 400 × 240 dot
    Operation Function key 1/2/3, UP/DOWN key, ENTRY key, POWER key
    Internal memory Function Measured data recording, Setting file recording/reading
    Capacity 10000 data at maximum
    Recording method Interval timer, ENTRY key (manual)
    SD card Function Measured data recording, Setting file recording/reading
    Physical format FAT16/32
    Recording format CSV format
    Capacity 512 Mbyte (specified by our company)
    Interface Conforms to RS-232C (various settings, measurement, data acquisition)
    Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery (1900 mAh)
    Continuous operating time Approx. 8 hours (Condition Temperature: 23°C±5°C Measurement: Monitoring (350Ω bridge) )
    Charging time Approx. 3 hours (at standby status)
    External power supply Exclusive USB AC adaptor (Type C) AC 100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
    Operating environment 0 ~ +50°C 85%RH or less (no condensation)
    Charging environment 0 ~ +40°C 85%RH or less (no condensation)
    External dimensions 136(W) × 32(H) × 71(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 300g
  • External Dimensions