TML-NET Summary

TML-NET is our original data acquisition network to perform measurement control and data transfer as well as power supply using two-wire cable. Commands and data are transferred on the network with clock signal, and bidirectional communication is possible. Network modules are placed near sensors such as strain gauge, DC voltage source and thermocouple, and measured data are converted into digital form by the network mudules. The network modules transmit those digitized data through the network, and the data are received by a data logger via a network driver which is connected to the network. It is also possible that a PC to directly receive data from the network by connecting a network interface to the network. Unlike ordinary analog measurement system, there is no sensitivity drop due to influence of cable extension and insulation lowering. Therefore, long term stable measurement is acheived. The TML-NET is also available in 4-wire system, in which two wires are used for data transfer while another two wires are used for power supply. In addition, the use of a network handheld strainmeter makes on-site data acquisition and checking possible.


  • Easy connection and branching
  • Network module is small and light - Easy to install
  • No sensitivity drop due to cable extension
  • Resistive to noise owing to digital processing near sensors
  • No influence of insulation lowering
  • Total extension distance is within 2km between data logger and NDR-100
  • Total extension distance is within 2km between NDR-100 and network module
  • Combination available with external switching boxes - Electrically isolated between instruments


TML-NET (network part) specifications

Communication System (2-wire, 4-wire)
Transmission 2-wire (4 wire) bidirectional serial transfer
Number of connection Up to 100 module for one system, 1000 measurement points at the maximum
Standard Cable Exclusive 2-core shielded cable (2-1.125L1)
Total extension distance 2 km or less for one system (see below)
Measurement time 200 msec / 1 measurement point (including transfer time)
Loop connection Possible
Terminator Not required

Network modules: NSW-011C, NSW-014C

2-wire Extended distance.

Network modules: NSW-024C (2-ch type)

2-wire Extended distance.

Network modules: NSW-01VB, NSW-01TB, NSW-01C

2-wire Extended distance.

Network modules: NSW-01VB, NSW-01TB

4-wire Extended distance.

Dedicated shielded cables used   2-wire method: 1   4-wire method: 2