Summary and Examples of Load Cells

TML Load cells

Our load cells are used to convert force and load to electrical signals. The detecting element for force and load is a strain gauge that we developed especially for load cells. With our extensive field-proven record and experience applied to structures and materials in all load cell areas, our cells have earned widespread trust as high-precision products offering excellent consistency and durability. Our line includes a number of compression, tension and tension/compression universal models with high to low capacities. Since our load cells are so widely used, we also offer all types of products related to load cells that allow customers to choose exactly what they need for their particular purpose. In addition to load cells, we also carry a line of products for measuring torque, such as torque transducers for socket wrenches, etc.


Fatigue test

Measuring a load in material fatigue testing using load or displacement parameters

Ground and Rock anchors

Measuring force on steel bar or wire for PC - Pre-stressed concrete - like ground anchors and rock anchors

Loading test

A load test on concrete column specimen

Suspension force

Measuring weight with a load suspended by crane