TML Original 1-Gauge 4-Wire Measuring method

One-touch connection with modular plug, not affected by lead wire

With our original new technology, a series-circuit configuration composed of a gauge resistance and standard resistance are used in measuring strain. Using 4 lead wires eliminates error due to lead wire resistance and contact resistance. The modular plug also significantly improves efficiency with one-touch wiring. Extension of lead wires and increasing measuring points is also easy with a modular plug, and does away with the need for calculating correction.

The 1-gauge 4-wire strain measuring method

For strain gauge measurement, various bridge configurations are employed according to the number of strain gauges to be used and measuring purpose. In quarter bridge configuration, three wire method is widely used to remove the effect of temperature to gauge leadwire resistance. However, some measuring error occurs owing to gauge factor correction due to leadwire resistance and variation in the contact resistance of connection part. Our developed 1-gauge 4-wire strain measurement method serves not to induce any measurement error ascribable to the gauge factor correction and contact resistance.


  • Complete correction of effects from lead wire
    No lowering of sensitivity, unaffected by temperature.
  • Modular plug for one-touch wiring
    Wiring work significantly faster.
  • Switching box outfitted with a modular connector (receptacle) for compatible switching boxes
    IHW-50G / ISW-50G / SSW-50D / FSW-10. Built-in switching boxes for data loggers TDS-540(option)/-630 also have modular connectors standard.
original-1G4W-01 original-1G4W-02-1