Type of lead wire

How to connect lead wires and model number indication

Wiring a strain gauge (with thermocouple)

These are our unique strain gauges having thermocouple integrated leadwires. This function is applicable to most of TML foil strain gauges including F series gauges.

How to connect the strain gauge Leaded

aaa Most TML strain gauges are available with extension leadwires preattached for the customer convenience.
We have several methods for connecting leadwires to be chosen depending on conditions such as the type of strain gauge and leadwire, measurement environments, and so on.

Color coding of strain gauge lead wires

The lead wires are color-coded for multi-element strain gauges with integral lead wires such as 2-element gauge, 3-element gauge and strss gauge.

Strain gauge with connector in a system

aaa Connector-integrated strain gauges can be used such as when there are several specimens, which allows gauge connection near the specimen and extension, eliminating time required for wiring and reducing waste lead wire.

Modification of type names of lead wire

Describes differences between model name indications of standard leadwire-integrated strain gauges and previous model name indications.