Summary and Examples of Acceleration Transdcuers

Acceleration Transdcuers

Our Acceleration Transducers electrically detect acceleration in all types of structures, including automobiles and machinery. Our acceleration transducers have sensing elements that use our strain gauges made exclusively for transducers, and they can be used to take measurements from DC levels.
Acceleration transducers for 2 or 3-axis measurement, or waterproof transducers for field or underwater measurement are also available.

Output polarity with a load

The acceleration transducer indicates polarity on the plus side with acceleration toward the plus arrow on thr trandsducer body and on the minus side with acceleration toward the minus arrow of the same.

Example of Frequency characteristics


Acceleration transducer presents different frequency characteristics, which is output sensitivity vs. frequency, depending on temperature. 

Usage examples

Vibrating acceleration 


Cable force of cable-stayed bridge 


Structure vibrating acceleration


Large-structure vibration experiment