Wheel Torque Measuring System

The wheel torque measuring system measures driving torque and braking torque in analog form while the car is running. The slip ring built in type, which incorporates an encoder, can also measure the rotation speed. The digital telemetry type incorporates a miniature transmitter. It is light and has almost no projecting parts, so it can take measurements without disturbing the running conditions.

The torque transducer is equipped with a slip ring, and is connected to an ordinary dynamic strainmeter using the slip ring. The torque is output in analog form from the strainmeter. In addition, since an encoder is integrated in the slip ring, the rotation speed can also be measured by connecting an F/V converter and counting the output pulse. The transducer can be installed on any passenger car by using an exclusive rim and hub adaptor.




  • Light
  • Water proof construction allows measurement in the rain
  • Measurement at standard offset is possible by using exclusive rim and hub adaptor prepared for a specified car type