Wiring a strain gauge (with thermocouple)

With temperature-integrated strain gauges, the temperature contact is a tab on the strain gauge, and displays the same temperature as the strain gauge. This can be measured with any of our data loggers.
* Compatible instruments are limited to TDS-540 /-530 /-303 /-302 /-300 /-630 /-602 /-601A /-601 /-102 /-101R and TC-32K /-31K data loggers. Not compatible with measurement using dynamic strainmeters.



Temperature-integrated strain gauge: FLA-2T-3LTJBT etc.

Type designation for temperature-integrated strain gauge


To apply this function to a strain gauge, add "T" after the gauge length of the strain gauge type name, and specify the leadwire type and length. For example, to attach a vinyl leadwire of 3 meter long to FLA-2-11, type designation should be as follows.

Connection method

Wire a temperature-integrated strain gauge to an instrument as follows.