FBG Fiber-optic Sensing System

A fiber-optic sensing system is configured using our FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) optical fiber sensors. The system can take advantages of FBG sensors such as 1) Not influenced by electromagnetic noise, 2) Free from electrical problem caused by insulation deterioration, and 3) Two or more sensors can be connected in series.


  • Sensors can be connected in series
  • Signal transmission in long distance
  • Monitoring control (remote monitoring in real time) using communication line
  • Single mode fiber

FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) optical fiber cable



FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)

Fiber Bragg Gratings are a type of reflective structure constructed in a part of an optical fiber with a periodic variation in the refractive index of the fiber core along the longitudinal direction (approx. 10nm) of the fiber. When light passes through the FBG, only the light of a particular wavelength is reflected. Spectrum center wavelength of reflected light is called Bragg’s wavelength.

FBG Sensing

The change in a mechanical strain or tensile force applied to the FBG optical fiber makes a change in the wavelength of the reflected light. The mechanical strain or tensile force is known by measuring the change in the wavelength.