Optical fiber measurements

Long-range fiber-optic strain measurement system

FBG - Fiber Bragg Grating

In addition to taking advantage of these merits of our FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) fiber-optic transducer,

1. no effect from electromagnetic noise,

2. no electrical failure due to insulation loss, and

3. multiple units can be connected in series,

we have also overcome the shortcoming of temperature dependence of measured values with an original bimetal temperature compensation method.

  • Sensors can be connected in series
  • Send long-distance signals
  • Monitoring and control using communication network (real-time remote monitoring)
  • Single-mode fiber

As the mechanical strain acting on the FBG changes, the wavelength of the Bragg reflected light changes. The amount of change in mechanical strain is detected by measuring the amount of that change.