Tie-rod Loadcell

Tie-rod Loadcell TCLT-NA

The TCLT-NA is a load cell designed to measure the tensile and compressive force applied to the tie-rod of a car.

タイロッド荷重計 TCLT-NA
  • Easy installation using connection thread between tie-rod and tie-rod end
  • 3 kinds of thread prepared for installation on various tie-rods
  • 6 types are available depending on the combination of thread and capacity
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Mounting screw Rated output Nonlinearity Allowable temperature range
    TCLT-2KNA-10 2kN M10 × 1.25 Approx.1500 × 10-6 
    0.5%RO -10 to +60℃
    TCLT-5KNA-10 5kN Approx.2000 × 10-6 
    TCLT-5KNA-12 M12 × 1.25
    TCLT-10KNA-12 10kN
    TCLT-10KNA-14 M14 × 1.5 Approx.3000 × 10-6 strain
    TCLT-20KNA-14 20kN