Multi-Recorder Display Unit(TMR-300 Series)

Display Unit TMR-381CE

By the connection of display unit TMR-381, stand-alone control of multi-recorder becomes possible such as setting of various units, measurement control (balancing / measurement start and stop / automatic measurement setting), monitoring (T-Y sweep / Y-T cont. / X-Y / numerical) and setting file management. When dedicated I/F cable is used for connection, external power source is not required because this unit is operated by the power supply from the control unit TMR-311. It is also possible to use a LAN cable for connection. In this case, extension is possible up to 100 meters and a USB mobile battery can be used as the power source.
Since the display unit operates independently of the control unit, measurement will be continued even if the display unit is turned off after the automatic measurement is started. The display unit may be connected only for confirmation of data and/or stop of measurement.


  • Specifications

    Type TMR-381
    Indicator Color TFT LCD, 320 x 240 dot (with touch panel)
    Function Various settings
    Measurement start/stop, Balancing control
    Value monitoring, Waveform monitoring
    External dimensions 200 (W) x 30 (H) x 110 (D) mm
    Weight Approx. 750 g
    Power supply 600 mA MAX
    Standard accessory Display adaptor TMR-381-1
    Dedicated I/F cable CR-6188

Example of connection of display unit