Spot Welder


This is a capacitive charge spot welder used for installing weldable strain gauges and fixing lead wires. The welding energy is controlled in 2 ranges of 1~10/5~50 watt second continuously, and a stabilizing circuit cancels the effect of changes in the power source voltage. Projecting parts such as electrical cables is packed inside, it is extremely convenient for field applications.

Dimensions 300(W)x195(H)x195(D)mm
Weight 13kgs.
Power source 90 to 110V ac
Welding energy 1 to 10 watt sec./5 to 50 watt sec. continuous
60 watt sec. Max. (110V ac. 50Hz)
Output voltage Approx. 32V Max.
Output pulse width Approx. 5 msec.
Repetion use 2 welds/sec. at 50 watt sec.