Ring type Displacement Transducer

OU Ring type Displacement Transducer  10mm to 30mm

The OU displacement transducer is a combination of a round plate spring and strain gauges. It is mounted with its contact tip pressed against a structure. When displacement occurs in the structure, the plate spring is deformed and an output proportional to the displacement can be output.

OU Ring type Displacement Transducer
  • High Response
  • Stable measurement with simple shape
  • Easy handling
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Sensitivity
    (x 10-6 strain/mm)
    Non-linearity Temperature range
    OU-10 10mm Approx. 5mV/V
    (10000 x 10-6 strain)
    Approx. 1000 1%RO 0 to +40℃
    OU-20 20mm Approx. 500
    OU-30 30mm approx. 300

    Output polarity


    Measurement moves in the minus direction when the contact tip is pushed inward.