EDP-A/EDP-B Extensometer 5mm

The EDP series Displacement Transducers are designed to measure elongation in round metal rod or sheet metal test specimen. It has a special holder that simply and securely holds the transducer in place, and the elongation in the test specimen is detected based on displacement between two knife edges. This series uses strain gauges for the sensing element and can be connected to an ordinary strainmeter for high precision measurements.

Protection ratings : IP 20 equivalent

EDP-A/EDP-B Extensometer
  • Compact, Easy handling
  • Secure fixing to specimen
  • Extremely small spring force
  • High sensitivity, High precision
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Gauge Length Rated output Sensitivity
    (x10-6 strain/mm)
    Non-linearity Temperature range
    EDP-5A-50 5 mm 50 mm Approx. 3mV/V
    Approx. 1200 0.3%RO 0 to +40℃
    (no icing)