Settlement Transducer Common-use Accessories

KLA-A/NKLA-B Common-use Accessories

Related product correspondence table

Name Type KLA KLB KLC Description
Hydraulic Anchor KLF-11 Fixed at the measurement point.
KLF-12 Δ Δ  
Rod KLF-21 A rod to conduct the displacement of the anchor.
Pressure Tube KLF-22 A tube for the hydraulic anchor
Pump KLF-23 A pump applying water pressure to the hydraulic anchor
Rod fixing jig KLF-24 Δ   Used for fixing the rod to the settlement transducer
Rod tensioning jig KLF-25 Δ   Used for preventing looseness of rod during curing of grout
Coupler KLF-26 A jig for connecting the pump and pressure tube
Grout filling hose KLF-27   Δ   A hose for filling grout
Exhaust hose KLF-28   Δ   A hose for allowing air in a hole to escape when filling with grout
Mounting bracket KLF-29     Used when inserting a multi-layer settlement gauge , anchor, and rod in a hole
Release wire KLF-30     Used to release a stopper that was put in place where measuring started

* ♦:Always necessary for measurement Δ:To be used depending on conditions