Coating Tape for Reinforcing Bar

Coating tape for reinforcing bar

This tape is specially designed for use as a waterproof coating for strain gauges bonded onto reinforcing bars or other cylindrical surfaces. Coating is achieved by simply taping it onto the surface, saving considerable time in comparison with conventional procedures. (A heat gun is required for application.)

Type Applicable reinforcing bar Quantity per box Applicable strain gauges Size finish (example)
Reinforcing bar Diameter
x Width (mm)
CT-D04 D4 10 FLK-2-11 D4 Φ10 x 21
CT-D06 D6 10 FLK-2-11 D6 Φ12 x 21
CT-D10 D10 10 FLK-2-11 D10 Φ15 x 21
CT-D13 D13 10 FLA-3-11 D13 Φ19 x 26
CT-D16 D16 10 FLA-3-11 D16 Φ21 x 26
CT-D25 D19 to D25 10 FLA-3-11 D25 Φ31 x 31
CT-D35 D29 to D35 10 FLA-3-11 D32 Φ37 x 35