FFT Analysis

FFT Analysis DFA-7610

This software, DFA-7610, analyzes (time axis waveform, X-Y graph, differential and integral  computation, autocorrelation function, frequency analysis, transfer function) measurement data files that have been processed in combination with recorded data from our instruments TMR-311, TMR-211, DC-204R, DC-104R, DH-14A or with the software Visual LOG TMR-7630, TMR-7300, TMR-7200, DC-7630, DC-7204, DRA-7630, DRA-730AD, DRA-7162, RD-7640, DS-750, DC-7004P.

FFT解析処理ソフトウェア DFA-7610


  • System configuration

    OS / computer / interface / product key

    OS Microsoft Windows 7(SP1)/8.1/10/11
    Computer Any meeting specifications recommended by above OSes, CD drive
    HDD space: 10 MB or more available space to install
    1 Measurement (10CH × 240kw)   required 5M or more  available space
    Interface USB (1 port)
    Product key USB dongle