Thunder proof for TML-NET

Thunder proof for TML-NET NNZ-2A

The NNZ-2A is used for protecting TML-NET network measurement system from induced lightning. When the cable of instrument or network-module receives induced lightning, failure may be caused in the network driver and/or network module by the lightning surge. The NNZ-2A is connected to the connection cable of the network, and works to flow the surge current to the earth when induced lightning occurs. In addition, during standby of measurement, it automatically shuts off the network line to protect the network driver and network modules from the lightning surge.

Thunder proof for TML-NET NNZ-2A
  • Shuts off network line automatically during measurement standby status to avoid induced current
  • Power is supplied from network line
  • Monitors voltage of network line and current of network modules, and shuts off immediately if abnormal condition occurs
  • Specifications

    Type NNZ-2A
    Surge tolerance 100A (8/20µs impulse)
    Available number for one system NNZ-2A: up to 10
    Low-comsumption network module: up to 100
    Rated power supply voltage DC18 to 24V
    Standard used cable Dedicated 2-conductor shielded cable
    Total extended distance: up to 2 km (at DC24V power supply voltage)
    up to 1 km (at DC18V power supply voltage)
    Display function Drop of voltage in the network line 
    Over current of network module (Shuts off the network modules at over current)
    Environment -20 to +60°C 85%RH or less (no condensation)
    Dimensions 50(W) x 28(H) x 100(D)mm (except projecting parts)
    Weight Approx. 120g

System Block Diagram