Ultracompact Compression Load Cell

CLS-NA/CLS-NB Compression Load Cell 2N to 10kN

The CLS-NA and CLS-NB Load Cells are ultracompact load cells with capacities ranging from 2N to 10kN. They are widely used for measuring load distribution or loads in structural mock-up testing and as a sensor for industrial machinery.

CE marking. : CLS-NB

Protection ratings
: IP 53 equivalent / IP 41 equivalent(CLS-2NA , CLS-5NA)

Ultracompact Compression Load Cell
  • Smallest ø12 mm, lightest 1 g
  • Miniature, High accuracy, High sensitivity
  • Easy handling
  • Ideal sensor for model testing
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature
    CLS-2NA 2N 1mV/V
     (2000x10-6 strain)±30%
    1%RO -10 to +60℃
    CLS-5NA 5N
    CLS-10NA 10N 1mV/V
     (2000x10-6 strain)±20%
    CLS-20NA 20N
    CLS-50NA 50N
    CLS-100NA 100N
    CLS-200NB 200N 1.5mV/V
     (3000x10-6 strain)±10%
    CLS-500NB 500N
    CLS-1KNB 1kN
    CLS-2KNB 2kN
    CLS-5KNB 5kN
    CLS-10KNB 10kN

    Output polarity

    Measurement moves in the minus direction with regard to increased compressing force.