Waterproof Displacement Transducer

FDP-A Waterproof Displacement Transducer 10mm to 100mm

The FDP-A is a DC operated LVDT which can be measured with not only our TDS series data loggers but DC excitation type dynamic strainmeters and handheld strainmeters. In addition to high output and high response, its waterproof structure and all stainless steel made external parts make this transducer well suited to underwater measurement.

Protection ratings : IP68 equivalent

FDP-A Waterproof Displacement Transducer
  • LVDT type
  • Measurable with our TDS series data loggers
  • Excellent waterproofness (Water pressure:1 MPa)
  • High Response
  • Less susceptible to external electrical conditions
  • High output
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Sensitivity
    FDP-10A 10mm Approx. 5mV/V
    1000 0.5%RO -10 to +80℃
    (no icing)
    FDP-25A 25mm
    Approx. 7.5mV/V
    FDP-50A 50mm 300
    FDP-100A 100mm 150

    Output polarity

    Measurement moves in the minus direction when the shaft is pushed inward.