Temperature Gauge

Thermometer KT-110A -30 to +80 ℃

This thermometer uses a special temperature gauge for the internal sensing element. It is highly waterproof and suitable for embedding in concrete and soil. It is used in construction management and safety management where temperature control is an important part of measuring. Since a full bridge method is used, not only can relative temperature be measured easily with an ordinary strain gauge, but also actual temperature can be measured by entering the included data (zero balance value) of the thermometer in a gauge capable of having an initial value entered.

IP code  IP 68-equivalent

Thermometer KT-110A
  • High water resistance
  • Easy handling
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Sensitivity Measurement error
    KT-110A -30 to +80℃ Approx.130×10-6strain/℃ ±0.3℃


Thermocouples are thermometers using the principle (Seebeck effect) wherein thermo-electromotive force is generated when two different types of metal wires are connected and a temperature difference is applied to both contacts of the thermocouple. Since the relationship between the temperature and the thermo-electromotive force is known, the temperature can be measured by connecting a measuring instrument between two terminals formed by opening one of the contacts and measuring the thermo-electromotive force.

  • Specifications

    Type Thermo-couple code Core diameter
    Sheath materials Heat-resistive
    T-G-0.32 T 0.32 Heat-resistive vinyl 100 ℃ approx
    T-G-0.65 T 0.65 Heat-resistive vinyl 100 ℃ approx
    T-6F-0.32 T 0.32 Teflon 200 ℃ approx
    T-6F-0.65 T 0.65 Teflon 200 ℃ approx
    T-GS-0.65 T 0.65  Heat-resistive
    vinyl (shielded)
    100 ℃ approx
    K-H-0.32 K 0.32 Glass fiber 350 ℃ approx.
    K-H-0.65 K 0.65 Glass fiber 350 ℃ approx.