Small FWD System FWD-Light

FWD-Light Product Configuration

Product Configuration

Product Name Compact set Standard set Notes: Standard accessories
Main Body KFD-100A
Built-in sensor 
acceleration transducer 
load cell
check check weight (5kg):KFDF-11-05
Loading plate (ø100 x 15(thick)mm)
5m cable
Exclusive Indicator TC-351F
Of view (21 digits × 8 lines) 
RS-232C interface
Card slot
check check AC Power Battery Pack
Mobile Storage 
Aluminum Carrying Case
- check Storage: body, only indicator options
(external displacement sensor, 
the printer only)
Compact flash memory card
- check  
Memory card adapter - check  

Small FWD main body KFD-100A


KFD-100A is a small body falling from a heavy weight and loading of the accelerometer and built-FWD load meter free-fall will be the weight of the body weight, total amount of load and displacement values when the impact load, using an accelerometer measures. Displacement of the accelerometer measurements are derived by integrating two times.
Degree of protection IP 42 equivalent


Dimensions of loading plate φ100 x 15(thick)mm
Mass of weight 5kg
Falling height 50 to 530mm
Falling method of weight Lever (with stopper)
Maximum load 20kN
Miaximum displacement 2.500mm
Strain gauge based sensor
Load Cell 1 point, 20kN
Acceleration transducer 1 point, 500m/s2
Data acquisition
No. of measuring points 2 points (load nad acceleration)
Measuring accuracy ±(0.1%rdg+2digit) (at23±5℃)
Data memory 800 data/point
Sampling speed 50μs
Trigger function By data (load value) Trigger method   Data trigger recording
Interface Exclusive 2-wire serial transfer
No. of external displacement sensor 4 points at maximum
Power source Supplied by TC-351F
Environment -20 to +60°C, less than 85%RH (no condensation)
Height Approx. 1100mm
Weight Approx. 15kg. (including 5kg weight)

External Displacement Sensor KFDS-1B


FWD-Light for the External Displacement Sensors up to 4 expansion units can be connected. 5m cable included
Degree of protection IP 42 equivalent


Maximum displacement 0 to 1.000mm (accelerometer sensor)
Dimensions φ79 x 125(H)mm (excluding protrusions)
Mass Approx. 1.5kg

TC-351F only indicator


TC-351F is only a small indicator FWD measurement results via display system with LCD display to record the flash memory card indicator. Measurement data recorded in computer memory card can be read and inserted into a PC card slot. In addition, optional software measurement process can be measured in the TC-7100 using the online. Online measurements can also be incorporated into your PC as well as raw waveform data analysis.


Indicator 128 x 64 dots liquid crystal display
Content View
Display Monitor Load, acceleration sensor * external acceleration, time
Analysis show Maximum load value, the maximum displacement displacement displacement sensor * maximum external coefficient of subgrade reaction (KTML), soil modulus (ETML) Last-minute analysis and three times, including four minutes show times
View sample

represents an examplemarked when using the optional external sensor

Recorded data display Namba consecutive record data file specified in the memory card data along with records of three times 
File Management File management record data file specified No initialization data erase memory card recording
Real-time clock
Settings Year, month, day, hour, minute, second
Accuracy ±2sec/day (at 23±5℃)
Memory Card recording analysis
Standard Card PC Card Standard compliant (TypeII)
Card type Compact flash memory card (with adapter card)
or ATA flash memory
Card capacity 8 to 128 Mbyte
Recording Format CSV file
Measurement processing software interface options (TC-7100) when using
Standards RS-232C
Features Receiving control commands,
Sent to the printer only print out the measurement data
Battery Ni-MH battery pack
Hours continuous use Approx. 32h, or approx. 1000 times measured(at 23±5℃)
Standard configuration in a state of full charge (without options)
at 30 times / When did the measurement of time
Vibration resistance 30m/s2 (at 50Hz 0.6mmp-p)
Waterproof IP-54 (installed state Connector cap)
Operating temperature and humidity range -10 to +50℃ 85%RH or less (noncondensing)
Dimensions Approx. 150(W) x 120(H) x 265(D)mm (excluding protrusions)
Mass Approx. 3kg


Product Name Type Product photo Notes
External Displacement Sensor KFDS-1B kfds-1b-1 5m cable included
Added weight drop(10kg) KFDF-11-10 KFDF-11  
Added weight drop(15kg) KFDF-11-15  
Loading plate(φ150mm) KFDF-31-150 KFDF-31 φ150×t15mm
Loading plate(φ200mm) KFDF-31-200 φ200×t15mm
Loading plate(φ300mm) KFDF-31-300 φ300×t22mm
Simple calibration device KFDF-61 KFDF-61 Simple calibration equipment for measuring data to confirm this at the scene
Rubber buffer KFDF-51 KFDF-51  
Mobile Storage Aluminum Case KFDF-21-2 KFDF-21-2 Weight for weight with storage options / external displacement
Careers KFDF-41 KFDF-41 FWD-Light fixtures only move
Software measurement process TC-7100 TC-7100 For Windows
RS-232C cable CR-5360 CR-5360   
128MB flash memory card capacity     Uses card adapter
Printer only DPU-S245 DPU-S245  
Printer cable CR-4530    
Printer paper TP-S245L-1