High-capacity, Low-profile Tension/Compression Load Cell

TCLY-NA Tension/Compression Load Cell 300kN to 10MN

The TCLY-NA is a Tension/Compression Universal Load Cell with low-profile construction and high-capacity. It offers high precision, high output characteristics and an excellent stability because it uses a shear beam for the strain sensing element. This model is widely used in applications like uni-axial testing machine.

Protection ratings : IP40 equivalent

TCLY-NA Tension/Compression Load Cell
  • High precision,High output
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature
    TCLY-300KNA 300kN 2mV/V
    (4000×10-6 strain)±0.5%
    0.2%RO -10 to +60 ℃
    TCLY-500KNA 500kN
    TCLY-1.5MNA 1.5MN
    TCLY-5MNA 5MN Made-to-order
    Contact us for details.
    TCLY-10MNA 10MN

    Output polarity

    Measurement moves in the plus direction with regard to increased tensile force, and in the minus direction with regard to increased compressing force.