Waveform View Software

Waveform View Software WF-7630

This is software for listing data and viewing waveforms based on DADiSP-format measurement data output from our measuring instruments DH-14A, TMR-311, TMR-211, DC-204R and software RD-7640, DS-750, RD-7300, TFM-7104, DC-7004P, DRA -7162, TMR -7630, DC-7630, and DC-7204. In addition to data recalculation, data file merge / excerpt / thinning / CSV conversion, maximum and minimum values, FFT analysis, computation with expansion channels and graphing (XY, T-Y, spectrograph).

波形表示ソフトウェア WF-7630
  • Applicable to various instruments and software using DADiSP format
  • Merging of separated files created by free run measurement
  • Management, merging, cutting out and thinning of data files
  • Cutting out and thinning are possible during CSV conversion of data files
  • Several graphs and objects are arranged in a graph window
  • Image storage of graph data and CSV file storage of graph values are possible